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About Us

The youngest of the college boat clubs, Green Templeton Boat Club was created in 2008 after the merger of Green College and Templeton College. Since then, the GTBC has grown rapidly into a large vibrant community of enthusiastic rowers of all levels. Our history may be short, but already we have earned a reputation for both our skill and our fun.


GTBC focuses on teaching the three core aspects of rowing



The mainstay of college rowing, GTBC specialises in sweep rowing. Every day, during term and out, all-year round, GTBC will have multiple sweep boats on the water training at a variety of levels.


Two oars are better then one (according to some). GTBC has a fleet of smaller sculls and doubles for use by its members allowing us to keep on the water, even when much of our community is away from Oxford.


The cox is often described as 'a conductor of an orchestra', acting as a motivator, a leader and a second coach to the rowers. At GTBC, everybody learns to cox, regardless of size, through regular dedicated coxing events.


GTBC focuses on the three major inter-college regattas that take place yearly.

  • Christ Church Regatta

    Michaelmas (Autumn)

    After only 6 weeks of training, our novices take to river to race other colleges side by side in a regatta specifically for those new to rowing.

  • Torpids

    Hilary (Spring)

    The first inter-college bumps racing regatta of the academic year. Every year both our seniors and our novices take to the water over 4 days of competition against other colleges.

  • Summer Eights

    Trinity (Summer)

    The second and final inter-college bumps racing regatta. With months of training, our seniors and graduated novices are mixed to field the fastest boats.

  • External Regattas

    All year

    GTBC regularly competes at national level against other boat clubs across the UK. Most years our top crews will race in HoRR, WeHoRR, Wallingford Head, and Henley T&V, to name only a few.

Want to join?

We are always looking for new people, whether students or not, GTC or otherwise.

Want to experience gliding above the water? Want to learn what drags us out of bed in the morning? Want to see if you have what it takes? Use one of the below methods today and get in contact for more info. You can also find us most mornings at the Longbridges boat house (directions with pictures).